Brandon Fouts attempts at holistic networking?

Mankind continues to shape the world. (e)valuations of these shapes fascinates me. I hope some of these links inspire Evaluations about the Eworld (ElectronicWorld) we networking people help create and in turn the larger world we all live in and the world our children will inherit.
  • Education/Learning new paradigms
  • Basics of the Internet by Vint Cerf
  • www communitcation shaping now add multi-media Anthropological intro:YouTube and now consider corporate role/law and copyright vs piracy and Copy and Copyright by Hal R. Varian.
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  • Who Stole the American Dream Hedrick Smith sums up politics from 1960-2010
  • Interrogating Terrorists | My Tortured Decision By ALI SOUFAN | and an interview from Jakarta Post

    1. Thinking Like a Terrorist: Insights of a Former FBI Undercover Agent - Mike German and another interview -note: Ways to die in America and Myth of Violence
    2. GlobalSecurity 5 great articles on terrorism - very informative
    3. Chris Hedges views on Terrorism | Collateral Damage: War Against Iraqi Civilians
    4. No End in Sight interviews with top US officials in Iraq | PBS | Sundance 2007
    5. U.S. in the Middle East and its consequences Panelists included Chris Hedges, Jeremy Scahill, Ann Wright.
    6. FIASCO: American Military Adventure in Iraq 2006 - Thomas Ricks and Other Ricks Interviews
    7. Charlie Rose interviews Jack Keane, 4 star General - Thomas Ricks - The Gamble
    8. Iraq Aug 2007 Thomas Ricks on accountability, strategy and other views
    9. Leading To War .com chronicles the path to war in Iraq
    10. $20 billion - small example of war corruption/profiteering in the FIRST year of Iraq occupation and oil exports
    11. In Their Boots - documentary series about US soldiers.
    12. Target Iran the next Iraq - warning
    13. Scott Ritter(former Marine) Iran, Iraq and waging peace
    14. Iraq Causualities
    16. One God Three Faiths - Bruce Feiler finding common ground in Abraham.
    17. The Great Derangement War, Politics, Religion at Twilight of the American Empire | Empire of Illusion great talk.
    18. War is a Force that Gives us Meaning by Chris Hedges - Views on Religion | wikipedia info
    19. Seymour Hersh note: speech starts at 40 min. (i.e. first 40min. is boring)
    20. Secrets Daniel Ellsberg explains Vietnam/Iraq - Google Talk and
    21. RealPlayer- Unintended Consequences Peter Galbraith (cspan call-in) 30 minutes, Oct 2008.
    22. Return to Kirkuk by Karzan Sherabayani -Kurds are our best allies in Iraq - DVD at Library
    23. The Devil Came on Horse Back -US Marine Captain Brian Steidle -DVD at Library
    24. Joe Cirincione - Bomb Scare Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5
    25. Status of Freedom?
    26. Google Talk Noam Chomsky CBC interview Part 1- Part 2
    Century of Self | Senate Votes | US House | Vote Smart | Congressional Voting Database | In Plain Sight | Oversite and Gov. Reform |C-span Video | Podcasts | MITworld videos | MIT other vidoes |
  • The Big Takeover | The Great American Bubble Machine
  • the Corporation film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, Joel Bakan Netflix
  • Bank Frauds an interview with William K Black
  • 13 Bankers:Wall Street takeover... by Simon Johnson and James Kwat
  • public banking systemic solution/alternative to the Federal Reserve monopoly
  • Some people well worth reading - you can start with WikiPedia:

  • Journal of Engineering Mechanics article publication history |Original Dr. Bazant article and counter view James Gourley JEM article
  • 911 explosive evidence
  • Air Car

  • inspirational, insightful or just interesting AtGoogleTalks | etech talks | TED talks | | Khan Academy org |
    American Drug War Library or Netflix and check out Sacred Cows Please search "sustainability" at - many great talks.
    Some computer technology history:
  • IBM PC history, Ted Nelson - hypertext | Kahn and Cerf - tcp/ip | VLSI - you need the HW to run the SW - Lynn Conway and Carver Mead | founding father - beginning of the Internet | Marty Goetz broke IBM monopoly and helped seperate HW and SW? | NetFuture is about technology and responsibility. | World Clock just for fun and partially demonstrates power of internet communications. Don't waste your computing power -put it to use-Boinc. And now Open Source Paradigm Shift and Web 2.0 along with small pieces and now cell phones replace laptops?

  • Genetic knowledge and manipulation has been dramatically accelerated because of The Net, so consider the new Biotechnology. Then listen to J. Craig Venter talk about his latest book A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life (sequenced the first human genome in 2001). Read about golden rice hoax to get some perspective on global corporations. Now you can use the new power of The Net and do some of your own research. Especially good are How not to do Science and Grains of Delusion and this update.

    Humor usually helps JOHO and it may give you insights! Dilbert another insightful place?

    Newsletters think every human should read:
  • Handicapped? | #102 | #117
  • Linux, Open Source, XML and ultimately, the future of the Web. XML itself might not make sense to anyone without this greater context in which open standards and open source have emerged. Tim O'Reilly Linux Tokyo

    You need to understand the differences between circuit switched (The Public Network) and packet switched (TCP/IP and the Internet). Read the next 4 links, and you'll better understand how what you build today will effect the future. The Stupid Network voice data convergence The Rest of the Story his favorite quotes are great. Founding Father of the Internet Saving the Soul of the Internet. Consider 3 public 'networks' - Water, Electricity, Telephone. One is so cheap, you have no idea what it costs (and after you use it there is an entire network to take away and treat the waste). The next is so cheap that we have to advertise to ask you to use less. And don't forget to consider this Paradox of the best Network.

    With local telephone and cableTV monopolies, that seems to leave radio as a hope for inexpensive/reasonable broadband internet access. But alas, this is also a monopoly (oh, is that why an AM radio from 50 years ago still works the same way - did you really think this was the ONE electronic invention that had no room for improvement?). Well, here is a couple of places to keep an eye on. New Community Networks | Wireless Freenets

    Molecular Electronics
    statistics +70 US agencies
    FIRSTGOV - find the feds and Transportation Stats

    As We May Think 1945- The conceptual beginning of PCs & www ? Turing

    The Cathedral and the Bazaar and CatB review

    publications: Netware Connections - NetWork Magazine - NWFusion - Network Computing - Light Reading

    NetWare ISPs Canada ; WA
    Directory newsletter
    Privacy P3P - TRUSTe - ISTPA

    Google search - Microsoft +Innovations - try it yourself
  • Copy and Conquer
  • MS Hall of Innovation
  • Harvard opinion
  • ComputerWorld
  • Consumer Electronics is what MS sees as innovation
  • MS deserves
  • Trusting Microsoft | MS strategies from The Halloween Documents
  • Halloween Doc III
  • MS Monopoly practises | MS security
  • Some Info - State and Local Gov sites - weather - earthquake - Mt. Rainier weather - Earth-Moon viewer - TerraServer - Martian view - digital wisdom maps - - National Science Digital Library - Science Mag -

    Citizenship - Vietnam Veterans of America - Military Families Speak Out - Veterans Against Iraq War - Center for Defense Information - Carnegie Endowment - VeteransForCommonSense - W Bush - Global Policy
    Answering Only to God Iranians are amoung the finest people I've met

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